Saturday, February 5, 2011

Preview of Volume 2 - My Summer Vacation Part 1

      Once outside, I was so happy to see everybody and not giving a second thought to my skimpy bikini, I snatched off my t-shirt and jumped in the pool.  I heard a shout from one of my girlfriends as I came up for air, “Girl who are you modeling for in that suit? Playboy!”  Laughing as I wiped my eyes off, “No.  I know it got a little small, but I’m still cute.”  Raymone was already in the pool and making his way towards me.  He answered, “You sure are.”  He gave me the biggest kiss hello as he looked at my tits barely being held in.  I just HAD to ask Lauren where her step mom was and we kind of lowered our voices so the music would drown out our conversation.  Lauren went on to tell us how she left Mr. Jones because she caught him fucking this young girl in a VIP room at a party they were attending.  Lauren was so happy she was gone and said her dad had been so much more lineate since she left.

      At that moment, Mr. Jones walked out and let us know the food was here and he was putting everything out on the patio.  I wasn’t hungry but the other guys had skipped dinner and were starving.  As we went to see what he ordered. I noticed near the punch, Mr. Jones put out some beer.  I looked at Lauren and asked her if he really put that out for us.  “Yeah girl!  He told me if I invited only the cool kids that wouldn’t say shit, he would let us drink.  I told you, he’s cool as hell now.”  So me not being hungry, I was the first to pick up a beer and just a few nacho chips the snack on.  Sitting on Raymone’s lap, Mr. Jones walked out and saw I had a beer.  “So we see who the wild one is in the group.”  Everyone looked at me and laughed, but it helped everyone feel comfortable about the beer situation.  I admit, it was kind of odd.  I totally destroyed the first beer and began to drink my second one.

      As everyone was finishing up their food, I decided to take a bathroom break.  It was getting dark out and Mr. Jones had just finished lighting the tiki lights, so we were about to have fun.  As I walked into the back door, Mr. Jones was standing in the kitchen watching us.   I asked him where the bathroom was and made my way to the half bath right there in the hallway.  Walking back towards the patio, Mr. Jones stopped me.  “So where are you going to school Teresa?”  I explained to him I was going not too far from home and would be leaving in about 8 weeks.  “That’s too bad.  Lauren is leaving me tomorrow.  I was going to tell you to come by and visit me now and then.”  I was kind of taken back by the conversation.  “Mr. Jones I will be sure to come see you before I go.”  He gave me a big smile and came over to hug me.  I knew THAT hug and it wasn’t the fatherly embrace either.  He continued to talk as if nothing was going through his mind, “I see you are killing my beers.  Looks like you are used to something a little stronger.”  I just giggled and told him I had a little experience with some stronger stuff.   “Hmmm party girl huh?”  I giggled again, “Something like that.”

      Mr. Jones reached up in the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of whiskey, “Ever had a shot of this?”  I just told him I’d had tequila and vodka before.  He grabbed a plastic cup off the counter and poured enough for a nice gulp.  “Try it.”  I took the cup from his hand and as I threw the shot back, Mr. Jones began to rub his hand over one cheek of my ass to see how I would react. “I love your swim suit Teresa.”  I just told him thank you as I looked down at his hand running back and forth from my waist to my hip.  I didn’t know what else to say and proceeded to lie and tell him Lauren mentioned Mrs. Jones was out of town thinking the thought of her would distract him.  But it had quite the opposite effect.  “Yes dear, she may be gone for quite a while.  That’s why I’d love to have your company.  I was hoping I’d meet one of Lauren’s friends that might want a good sugar daddy for the summer.”   WHOA!  OMG!  Mr. Jones is making a pass at me?  That explains the beer too.  I wore my skimpy suite for Raymone, but it looks like it got me some different attention.

      I blushed and was a bit speechless as I told him I loved dating older guys, but I never had a sugar daddy before.  After a few minutes of talking with Mr. Jones, I felt the shot kicking in and it was making me horny as the liquor always did.  Still standing there with his hand on my hip and periodically rubbing my ass, he was beginning to make me feel like my step dad did and I was liking it.  I turned towards the window pretending to look at everyone outside and began to bend over with both my hands on the edge of the counter.  I was really trying to give Mr. Jones a nice view of my ass.  “Yeah baby, that’s right.  You black girls have the prettiest asses.”  Wow.  His admiration of my curves was really turning me on.  Mr. Jones was carefully watching outside and began to slide two fingers under my ass and rubbing over the skimpy crotch of my swim suit.  I could hear him breathing deeper as he thanked me for making his wishes for the day come true.  “Can I touch it?”  I moaned and nodded my head yes as I asked him what was his wish for the day.  When Mr. Jones saw I liked his touches, he whispered, “I just need me a real good young slut for the summer baby.”  I told him ok as he slid his finger between my pussy lips searching for my clit.  “Oh yeeeeeeaaaahhh!”, he whispered as he discovered how wet I was.

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